GeoJSON appears inside-out

I have Postgres data that I extract as GeoJSON
but then when i load them they appear inside-out
i.e. I can see the inside walls instead of the outer wall
which makes the buildings look weird.

See what I mean here:

It appears hollow

Hi there,

I was able to fix by setting the perPositionHeight of each entity to false like so:

entity.polygon.perPositionHeight = false;

entity.polygon.extrudedHeight =;



I was also able to make it work by setting closeTop of each polygon to false

entity.polygon.extrudedHeight =;

entity.polygon.closeTop = false;


which makes me think something else is going on because my change in addition to ‘fixing’ the inside/out problem also closed the top and left the bottom open.


Hum, I swore I tried that closed top thing! but it didn't work earlier!
Thank you very much.

actually the close Top worked not the Pre Position height