Getting the current alpha value of an entity's model

This could be a silly question, but: how do you get the current alpha value from the colour of a model that is used in one entity in the scene?
Let’s say that i have an entity in the scene whose model’s color is white, with a 0.5 alpha value. If i write this:



i would get as output “(1, 1, 1, 0.5)” for the first instruction, and “undefined” for the second.

Is viewer.entities.values[0].model.color not a Color type? How do i access the alpha value of this color?

Hi Elia,

The issue is that you’re accessing a property. You’re right that a Color has an alpha property.

console.log(Cesium.Color.WHITE.withAlpha(0.25).alpha); => 0.25

However, Color is itself a Property object (, which isn’t just a single value, but is an object that defines the value over time. In order to access a Property’s value, you need to call getValue(time). Confusingly, we have special behavior for Properties like this such that they’ll print their values when you call console.log, but you need to retrieve the value properly to access its values.


will get you what you need.

Hope that helps,

  • Rachel

That just made things a lot clearer to me. Thanks a bunch, Rachel!