GOCAD to 3DTiles

I have an old GOCAD ASCII file with TIN objects in it, representing a surface model of a restricted area, with vertix and triangle data.
I have read the specification of 3DTiles and I want to convert these GOCAD data into 3DTiles. Is it possible, to disply surface data with 3DTiles (or maybe as a b3dm dataset) in Cesium and is there maybe already a generator available for GOCAD files?

This is definitely something on our roadmap to be able to convert CAD models in various formats to 3D Tiles. Right now, if GOCAD can export them as OBJ or DAE models, you should be able to tile them with ion (http://cesium.com/ion).

Okay, thanks. Unfortunately I have only the exported files. And do I need to generate glTF or b3dm-Files to use 3DTiles with Cesium, or is 3DTiles able to store 3D-Data itself?

3D Tiles is indeed a format for 3D data. So once you have a tileset that’s all you need.