ground overlay on czml using polygon

Hello Patrik/Steve,

i am trying to render groundoverlay on the cesium map with the coordinates of ground overlay as -122.3868805967123,37.7900762525768,0

i tried calculation coordinates positions based on west , east, south or north. as given below

double west = bbox.getHighX();

double south = bbox.getHighY();

double east = bbox.getLowX();

double north = bbox.getLowY();

Cartographic cartographicArray = {new Cartographic(west, north, 0),new Cartographic(east, north, 0), new Cartographic(east, south, 0), new Cartographic(west, south, 0),new Cartographic(west, north, 0)};

the czml which is generated based on the above code snippet is as given below:








“description”:“ground overlay Feature”,




















but still i am unable to render the ground overlay on the cesium map. i am going wrong at the positions only, could you please let me know whether the above way of generation of positions is the rightway for generation of coordinate degrees positions . please let me know where i have gone wrong in rendering ground overlay on cesium map.

i could do the above in javascript as given below, but not able to render the same in czml as given above. it would be great if u could provide the alternative for the below in CZML.

can we replicate the below rectangle primitive in CZML.

var filledPolygonRectangle = new Cesium.RectanglePrimitive({

rectangle : Cesium.Rectangle.fromDegrees(east,north,west,south),

//rotation : Cesium.Math.toRadians(45),

fill : ‘true’,

id : layerId,

material : Cesium.Material.fromType(Cesium.Material.ImageType , {

image : logoUrl




thanks a lot .