Help test game-changing terrain and imagery improvements in Cesium

My last post was Cesium 1.57. I started getting stack traces like this in Cesium 1.55 which is where we started noticing map/terrain slowness. Stack trace here. Both stacktraces are from a combineRelease build.

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘center’ of undefined

at addDrawCommandsForTile (Cesium.js:215125)

at GlobeSurfaceTileProvider.endUpdate (Cesium.js:213998)

at QuadtreePrimitive.render (Cesium.js:217045)

at Globe.render (Cesium.js:218641)

at updateAndRenderPrimitives (Cesium.js:237695)

at executeCommandsInViewport (Cesium.js:237528)

at updateAndExecuteCommands (Cesium.js:237336)

at render (Cesium.js:237976)

at tryAndCatchError (Cesium.js:237996)

at Scene.render (Cesium.js:238045)

The stack trace was because we had a mismatched build version in our Workers directory while we were flipping back and forth between versions.

The slow map/terrain loading is resolved if we:

  • Use 1.54 or prior version Cesium

  • Connect to an open internet line (bypass our corporate network proxy)

  • Connect to local STK Terrain Server

Maybe our slowdown is just a bad combination of our network slowdown and the new performance optimizations which end up making things worse in our test case.

Most of our terrain assets (from have a “Stalled” time of ~300-800ms and a “Waiting (TFFB)” time of 100-300ms in Chrome if that gives you any idea.

Hi Ashley,

Here in Australia I frequently see terrain server response times of a second or more when the cache is cold, so I don’t think a little latency added by your corporate network should cause any major grief. Are you sure your corporate proxy isn’t blocking or modifying any requests?


I am not sure what our corporate proxy is doing. It is possible it’s modifying or scanning https requests or any other myriad of things. Is there any way to configure CesiumWorldTerrain to use http instead of https? I looked into it a bit but we had just been using the following which ends up using https:

terrainProvider : Cesium.createWorldTerrain();

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