Help to debug final issue with MBP 2011 / HD3000

My co-founder’s 13" MacBook Pro (2011) with Intel HD3000 will not render Cesium billboards. This is a major issue for us as it makes it difficult to demonstrate what we’re building. At the same time, though, I don’t want to waste cycles if this is an isolated issue (I would rather just get another machine). Does anyone have any ideas about how to verify this? How would you go about locating users with this hardware and sending them a URL to try?



Hi Peter,

Assuming the OS and browser are up to date, using another machine is the quickest solution.

If anyone at AGI has this hardware, I’m happy to take a quick look, but I can’t promise an easy fix.


Resolved. Wiped laptop and did a clean install of Mountain Lion. Everything works. I should have done that ages ago!!! ~

We’re good. See you later this month?

Great news - thanks for sharing.

We’re good. See you later this month?

Yeap - working on my GDC schedule now.