hittable and non hittable 3D layers


Just getting started with Cesium and working on some scenarios relating to 3D buildings which reveal attributes on hover/click.

We wish to seperate the 3D hittable zones from the visual 3D model of the buildings. The reason for this is that we may want to sub-divide a building (e.g. a tower seperated from the rest of a church) without having to make any alterations to or break up an existing model.

Our thinking is to have the textured 3D model as a visible but not hittable overlay and then to have transparent 3D geometries (largely simple blocks) which are hittable and carry the various attributes.

In leaflet/openlayers 2D world this is a fairly common function but does the same apply in Cesium? Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


This is possible, but its going to take me a day or so to put something together to demonstrate how.