How can you select map pins below a weather layer?

Hello All,

I have a weather layer loaded in as a KML data source, and currently the weather layer is above the map pins. This is preventing me from selecting any of the map pins that are obscured by the weather.

I want to know if I can have the mouse ignore the weather layer so you can click through to the map pins below. To add to that I would also like to know how to make that weather layer semi-transparent?

Using Cesium 1.50, in Chrome on Windows.

Thank you,

Are you currently using the pick function to select the pins on click? If so, you could try using drillPick ( which will capture everything under the mouse, and you can then ignore the weather entities.

You should be able to style the KML datasource the same as in this example I think:

The “basic styling” button here gives it a fill with an alpha. Let me know if that works.

This sounds like a cool application! Does the weather layer change over time?


The pins are also imported via KML file so I have not used any pick function within Cesium. drillPick seems like an interesting option. The weather layer does not change over time.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Actually, I just realized there’s already a requested feature and a possible pull request to implement this:

Would this solve your issue? I’m guessing when you say you want the mouse to ignore the weather layer you mean specifically the the default Cesium info box showing up right?

Yes, I do believe this would help solve my problem.

With the weather layer set to clampToGround, this seems to have alleviated the issue 33% of the time. When I am zoomed farther out, the pin displays above and is clickable, and again when I zoom in close, approx. city level or closer it again displays on top and is clickable. In-between however it seems confused about render priority and is placing the weather above the pin, making the pin not clickable ( I have tried setting the pins to relativeToGround and giving it an distance above ground but that had no effect). Again this is all based on defaults when importing 2 KML sources, so I still need to try and write a function to use drillPick as you mentioned. Will update once that is tested.

I appreciate the help Omar