How to add x meter north and east


I have a simple question,
I have a Cartesian 3 point at X, Y, Z coordinate.
I would like to create a new point at 100 meter on north, East from that starting point.

I was looking at Cartesian3.add, but this depend on the point on earth, but I don’t understand exactly how to make it every where on earth.


I think you might find the discussion here helpful: Finding a point on the surface at a given distance. There’s an example there where you start with a point on the surface and a direction, and you get a new point X meters away in that direction.

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THank you Omar, but I already made a function to create a point in a direction, the problem is I don’t know how to get the north/south/east/west direction at a given point on earth to compute the direction.

but this exemple might have some cool info so I will study it, thanks

I found this