How to adjust feature relative to current zoom

Im facing hard to find a solution for this scanrio.

Well my problem is that i have a entity represented as billboard picutre.
Now the issue is that i need the location change by the zoom level.

I mean when the zoom level is high the entity should be positioned in a specific location and when the zoom goes down(zoom in) i need to be in another position relating to the zoom level.

Now how can i play with that relation there is a built in cesium way ?
Or i should do it by my self .

Any attitude for this problem ?

Sorry, but I don’t think there is anything built into Cesium to handle this case.


Well maybe u can help me , i want that the distance between two points will be "equals" in the eye perspective .
It doesnt matter that the real distance is differnece i want that even in low zoom and high zoom the points will shown on the map in the same distance by the eye ?

I hope i explain it ok.
So now can you help with how to apporach this issue ?