How to control buildings in a large project?

Good afternoon
I need to make a city with a lot of objects, but that each object could be controlled by a script, the purpose of showing and hiding certain buildings.

I went the simple way and loaded a lot of buildings on the map and managed them, but performance is not very good with this approach, when the objects become 1000.

The second way I’m considering is to make one big object, the performance is very good, but how to work with certain objects inside I can’t, or I haven’t figured out how to do it yet. is it possible to get a list of objects loaded onto the map so that I can control each of them with this approach,

I’m trying to do it the way it was shown in the example with new york in the sandbox, there seems to be one object loaded, but in fact every building is a building and it can be controlled.

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Hi there,

This one object is using the 3D Tiles standard. It sounds appropriate to your use case. Cesium ion is platform you can use to create 3D Tiles from other data, which can then be visualized in CesiumJS.

how to get access to child objects, is it possible ?
how to create a complex object ?
Do you have a guide or some simple steps?
so that i get one object and then when i add it i can control its child objects ?