How to do line trace ignore transparent objects in CesiumForUnreal?

Cesium For Unreal use one Actor to load all models, and I hide some models with set them to transparent. UKismetSystemLibrary::LineTraceSingle cannot ignore transparent model and still return the result on transparent model.
Is there some alternatives? Thanks!

Why not use LineTraceMulti instead, and manually discard the models you’re not interested in?

Thank you.
as my test, LineTraceMulti can only return one hitresult for Cesium3DTileset Actor too. if the transparent object is hit first, it will not return more hits.
“manually discard the models” is set IgnoreActors params? I think all object in Cesium3DTileset Actor, how to ignore specified objects in one actor?

I meant to loop through the returned results to find the one you care about. But if there’s only one result, that won’t help.

In that case the next thing I’d try is to switch back to LineTraceSingle, but if you get a hit that is not what you want (e.g. it’s a translucent model), do another LineTraceSingle, but this time with the start point of the trace set to just past the returned hit point.

I have tried do like this, but not get result i want. if the past value too small, it remain reture same hit result, if too big, I worry miss the correct object. So I wang to find a better solution.

I’m not aware of any better solutions, sorry.

Thank you anyway.