How to draw czml point dynamically based on search result in datatable?

Let’s assume we have Datatable and Cesium globe on the same page. Data is coming from the db and based on the data czml point is created in globe, upto this its working fine. Now i want to draw cml point on for the search resuilts in datatable.

Is it possible to achieve and by which method ?


**Kulvinder **


You don’t have to do anything special based on where the data comes from. If you have CZML coming from a database, you should be able to add it to the viewer by fetching it with your JavaScript code and then adding it like this example:

Does that work for you?

Hi Omar,

Thanks for replying.

The czml point is drawn on the globe against the records. Like i have 10 cities in database, i fetched the city data in datatable(datatable and cesium globe are on same page). Now created a javascript variable that is assigned with php data variable like: var myData = <?php echo json_encode($dbData);?>;

Using myData variable i am able to access other database fields and drawn the czml point.

Now what i want is to draw the czml point based on search, against the filtered rows in the datatable in real time. I am able to draw the datatable using ajax based on the search term, but not able to handle data returned from ajax file in index.php file(the file on which both datatable and globe exists).

Is there a way to handle this?