How to get the coordinates of the visible/loaded tiles

I’m trying to make a map app and need to get the coordinates of the visible world as a square, the corners of the loaded tile, is there any way to do this?

Hi @peterclemenko,

The visible world won’t be anything close to a square. If you bound all the visible tiles with a square, that square will be enormous, possibly covering the entire world in some cases. So there’s no direct way to do as you’re describing, but maybe if you tell us what you’re trying to accomplish we can suggest a way to approach it.


I’m trying to import api data from into unreal on a cesium terrain.

The API has you pull in a square polygon of data based on lat/long coordinates.

look at the search endpoints.

I’m trying to grab the area visible + a little bit of wiggle room for caching a moving map.

Unfortunately an API like that isn’t going to work well in 3D. You might try loading just a fixed square around the camera, or something like that.

If you want an intuitive sense of what I mean, zoom in close to the globe and look out at the horizon. Then click the “Suspend LOD Update” checkbox in the Cesium3DTileset option and zoom out. You’ll be able to see the “shape” of the visible tiles.