How to interact with non-Cesium assets on a tileset?

I apologize if this is more a general Unreal question than a Cesium one, but here goes. I’d like to put assets (for example, Quixel scan assets) on top of an Cesium tileset, and then use similar functionality as seen in the “Visualize Per-Feature Metadata” tutorial in order to select them in third-person with a cursor and see some data on them. I didn’t see any tutorials online that were done for UE5 that specifically handled this case. Has anyone gone down a similar path with success? If not, in a broader sense, are there any pitfalls to look out for when working with non-Cesium assets put on top of a tileset?

Hello @whackjite,

That’s an interesting idea! I don’t think there’s an easy way to tie non-Cesium assets to tileset metadata. If your desired data is about the tileset, you could try ignoring the non-Cesium assets altogether with your LineTrace and simply display the tileset metadata.
On the other hand, if you have your own data about the objects you’re planning to place, you could use similar logic to the Metadata tutorial, but instead of querying the tileset, simply query the object itself. What I would probably do in that situation is create a blueprint that has a mesh and some variables that can be filled with your data. You could attach each model’s mesh to a child blueprint of the original and feed in your desired information. Then, when you do the linetrace, cast it to the original blueprint type to access your information variables.