How to keep billboard showing when czml animation is over

I notice that when czml animation is over, pathgrahic will show but billboard will not. I want to keep my billboard, any suggestion?


Thank you for your question! Based on my testing, it looks like both the billboard and the CZML path disappear a few seconds after the animation is complete. Can you confirm that you are also noticing this behavior?

One workaround would be to re-draw the polyline and place the billboard when the animation is complete. This thread may provide some relevant context on how to show and hide the PathGraphic object.


@sam.rothstein Thanks for relpy!

I noticed that CZML path may disppear. The reason is availability property.

I also notice that change position when the animation is over, the billboard will keep displaying.

But maybe the billboard and path are in one entity, and they use one same position, the path disappear due to there are only one cartesian3 item in position. So is there any prefect way to both keep path and billboard?