How to load alternate textures like LULC

I am working with 3D tiles from the Well-Formed Format (WFF) standard and can get them into Unreal 5.2.1 by unzipping the .3tz file however it will only load the mesh with the texture of the satellite imagery. I am trying to load the 2nd texture which contains Land Use Land Cover (LULC) imagery so I can extract the meta data for texture replacement.

I know there is other textures as I can load the tileset.json in Vricron Explorer and Terra Explorer and see the other layers. If I load in the .glb files into unreal using the “Import into Level” button I get the mesh, texture of satellite imagery, texture of LULC, and a material with the texture of satellite imagery applied.

Is there a way using the Cesium importer to pick the other texture from the .glb files?

I’m not sure. Can you tell us more about how the GLB is structured? Is the LULC texture a metadata texture of some sort? If so, you can probably access it using Cesium for Unreal’s metadata API, including using it for styling in a custom material. This tutorial may be helpful:

I have tired the Per-Feature Metadata tool on my local data set and nothing comes up when I click the Auto fill button.

From what I can tell the LULC texture has a different identifier in the GLB and it is not streamed. I attached some pictures of what I get when I import the GLB into unreal.


I can’t really tell much from that, unfortunately. If you could share the GLB with my (privately) I might have more insight, but I’m not sure if that’s a reasonable request with the WFF data or not.