How to make the label on the bar top, set each face's color

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  1. make the label on the top face of bar chart
  2. set bar top face Color individually, may be pure YELLOW
  3. set the bar bottom face Color to transparent;

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I made a demo:

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for data visualize on the map

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For these two items, using a wall geometry with a rectangle top might be a better approach: WallGeometry - Cesium Documentation
RectangleGeometry - Cesium Documentation

You can set the square color individually. The WallGeometry does not have a bottom so you don’t have to worry about that. You can change the height of the square corresponding to the height of the wall geometry.

You can add a label entity on top of the square geometry with a height slightly above it.

I tried various combinations。as the demo below,

Several issues are summarized as follows:
1.version 1.71, Wall cannot close, v1.77 is ok.

2.if lable position is set dynamic value by SampledPositionProperty, lable always in the center of the polygon. I want the label on the polygon.
I confused why pixeloffset param is no use. cannot set relative position to polygon.

  1. I use wall+polygon+label combine a box, barely achieved results,may be somebody can give me better solution. and hopfully, may some expert can give a demo of SampledProperty.addsamplespackedarray etc. sandbox lack of these demo.

  2. if use Polygon extruded as Box, the StripeMaterial oritentation will wrong, whether horizontal or vertical, oritentation always horizontal.

Look forward to your reply :grin: