How to not auto centralize viewer selectionIndicator poistion for an entity with label, billboard and polyline?

Hi, I like to check if its possible to not auto centralize the cesium viewer selection indicator position when I have an entity (with billboard, label and polyline properties) selected?

see attached images to understand what I mean here. Ideally, I want to keep the selectionIndicator centralize on my target when selected.

I understand that this can be resolved by creating a separate entity that contains the polyline only apart from the entity that contains the billboard and label. However, that will be an extra entity to manage if so.

Thus is there a better way to do this?

The entity selector uses the entity’s bounding sphere to figure out where it should go. This is where the bounding sphere for the entities is computed:

And this is where the viewer sets the indicator to be that computed bounding sphere center:

You could override that behavior in the source code, or expose a function in the API to expose a way to customize/override this (and it would be great to make a pull request contribution back into CesiumJS)!

You also just disable the selection indicator and listen for the selectedEntityChanged event on the viewer to detect when a selectedEntity has change and create your own indicator, which might be the easiest approach to customizing it in your application.

Let me know if this helps!