How to publish cesium programs?

now , On my development machine, I successfully packaged my software. In window11.
We all know that in the editor, we need to log in to the cesium account.

When I switch to another computer, it does not display a cesium map.
I have checked my network status and there are no issues. The VPN has also been shut down and started multiple times.

So when I publish a fantasy project with cesium, do I need to log in to my account again in the publishing program? Or Have other users log in to their own cesium account?

and How should I log in?
Open the web? Or use widgets in the program?

When you package a project/game, the “project default token” (if one is set) will be baked into the package. If you set the Access Token property on a Cesium3DTileset or CesiumIonRasterOverlay, that will be embedded as well.

Only your Cesium ion login token is local to your machine / user. But that token is only used for the UI, not for accessing any tilesets. So I’m not quite sure why the Cesium globe didn’t display when you moved the project to another computer. My best guess is that the file that contains the project default token (usually Config/DefaultEngine.ini) was not copied with the project.

no,It’s not a packaged project,is Publish /Relese/ shipping the project.


Let me just clarify. You don’t mean that you’re packaging the project into an executable. You want to publish the Unreal Engine project file itself?

It is an illusory project that releases a ceium plugin. For my clients to use,I have resolved this issue ,because I added a binding ion raster overlay component to the 3dtile with a Google URL link.They clashed.
There is only one issue left now, which is the slow loading of Bing Maps on other computers. Only my computer loads very quickly.
We use the same network