How to read LAS offset

When loading an LAS data asset, Cesium asks that I adjust the tileset location. Note that the LAS data contains offsets/extent information for a local coordinate system (i.e. not cartographic).

I would like to read this offset/extent information using Cesium.js and convert it myself, since I have knowledge of the local coordinate system.

The offset (or extent) is located in the LAS data file header.

How can I read this offset (or extent) in my web application (using Cesium.js)?


Hi @louislesage,

Thank you for your post! I really appreciate that you have shared some context surrounding your question. I’m curious to know what object you are using to store your LAS dataset in your CesiumJS code.


Here is what I do in a nutshell:

Link to Sandcastle

(Note that the access token has been removed…)