how to retrieve all building coordinates on click.

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Want to find building coordinates on single click.

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  1. how to retrieve all building coordinates on a click.

  2. how to find Centroid of building .

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cesium 1.64

What type of data are you loading into Cesium ion? if it’s CityGML and it already has this metadata in the source data, you should be able to see it like in this code example that will get the position of a building on click and fly to it:

Otherwise, we have an open feature request for this here:

Hi Omar Shehata,

Thanks for the response.

I would request to share boundary points of polygon (i.e., all coordinates like roof top , wall, ground kind of category coordinates).

Request to update on this.



Are you using 3D Tiles? What format is your source data in?

Yes am using 3dtiles.

What format is your source data in? Is it CityGML or something else?

yes am using both Citygml & shapefile as reference.

If you can pre-compute all the properties you need for your application, you can add them as properties to your CityGML files, and they’ll be embedded into the 3D Tileset that Cesium ion produces. This GitHub issue has some sample code to show you how can list what properties are currently stored in your 3D Tiles: