how to see coded changes

I am currently working on the issue “Support for multiline labels”,but when I change the code and after saving when I again try to run it the changes what I have done is not reflected at all.What is the standard procedure to run the code after saving changes on your machine.


I’m not sure exactly how you are testing your changes, but try running ‘npm run build’ from your Cesium directory.



As can be seen from screenshot I am able to add a new line character successfully on Apps/Sandcastle/gallery/Labels.html while when I am trying to run Apps/Helloworld.html I am not able to see the new line changes.I have made some changes in the code of Source/Scene/
LabelCollection.js due to which I am able to see in labels.html but why not in helloworld.html.

If you look in the HellowWorld.html file, you can see that it uses the combined version of Cesium in Build/Cesium/Cesium.js. You will need to execute npm run minify to update this file.
Sandcastle looks at the AMD Cesium files so it gets updated when you run npm run build



Thanks @Hannah Pinkos.