How to use specularEnvironmentMaps in 3dtiles

I noticed that I can change sphericalHarmonicCoefficients and specularEnvironmentMaps in Model from Gltf, but when I change these parameters in 3d tiles, rendering has stopped and shown this Error: Cannot read property ‘tileset’ of undefined.

I wonder to know how can I set specularEnvironmentMaps in 3dtiles successfully.

P.S. The KTX file is generated by an old version filament, cause Cesium is not supporting the newest filament project.

Are you able to provide a Sandcastle example reproducing the error?

Sure, I post the example below. This is modified based on Image-Based Lighting.

Sandcastle Example

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Thank you for providing an example. I have confirmed that this is a bug using other tilesets. I created an issue on CesiumJS Github repository to track this bug here: specularEnvironmentMaps not working with 3D Tiles · Issue #9332 · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub. Please add any follow ups that you think will be helpful for others to address the issue.

Thank you for your reply, I’ll add some information that I found, hope it works.