I Have Some problems with using the Grid type of RectangleGeometry

A halo appears on the grid (Deep Green Curve)

      new Primitive({
        geometryInstances: new GeometryInstance({
          geometry: new RectangleGeometry({
            rectangle: Rectangle.fromDegrees(-180, -90, 180, 90),
            height: 6000000,
            vertexFormat: EllipsoidSurfaceAppearance.VERTEX_FORMAT,
        appearance: new EllipsoidSurfaceAppearance({
          material: Material.fromType(Material.GridType, {
            color: Color.fromCssColorString("#6edd94").withAlpha(1.0),
            lineCount: Cartesian2.fromArray([24, 24]),

Please advise how to solve this problem

Hi @Aoi!

Thanks for your question. At first glance, this seems like a bug to me. While I investigate what may be going wrong here, I wanted to point you to this Sandcastle that achieves a visual result that is similar to yours:

Let me know if it works for you!

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This might be a good way to generate a parallel layer :+1: