i-Urban Renovation: A digital twin of Munakata, Japan

A digital twin of Munakata, Japan, with 3D buildings that can be styled or individually inspected

i-Urban Renovation, built on CesiumJS, visualizes local government building data covering ~ 120 sq km. The buildings are streamed with 3D Tiles.

Users can click buildings for feature data or style buildings using a variety of metrics, including based on:

  • usage, such as residential, business, commercial, government, agriculture, and so on,
  • number of floors, making it easy to see the distribution of high-rise and low-rise buildings,
  • construction materials, such as wood, or reinforced concrete, and
  • construction year, showing the distribution of the new and old buildings.

i-Urban Renovation: http://www.city.munakata.lg.jp/w028/040/040/060/1000/1800/20181126134332.html
More details: i-Urban Renovation Visualizes Munakata City Building Status with 3D Tiles | cesium.com

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