In the globe's vertex shader, which parameter is the Cartesian coordinate?


If you’re referring to GlobeVS.glsl, I believe “position3DWC” is the “world coordinate”, if that’s what you’re looking for.

If this doesn’t help, just let me know what you’re trying to achieve (more description, running example or pictures always help) and I’ll do my best! I might have mentioned this in a different thread, but this page describes how to use Appearances, which allow you to specify custom fragment and vertex shaders, which might be helpful to look at.


I used the wrong world coordinate,Now I have implemented the point selection area to simulate the inundation effect,But the result is not satisfactory,Because I

directly removed the Z axis coordinate value of the direct coordinate, judging the point in the plane, when the point selection area across the northern and southern

hemisphere, there will be the following effect

So how do I improve the point selection area to submerge the terrain?



It sounds like you’re trying to visualize flooding, if so, have you looked at Globe Materials?

That allows you to create materials that apply to the terrain, and you can color by elevation.

You can also create a polygon that represents the water and move it, here’s some ideas in this thread: