Info Box Pops Up, But is Empty

I am running into an unexpected problem where when I click on a billboard, the info box is empty. It pops up with the info box and the title updates, but the other variables inside the table do not populate. My code for highlighting a billboard is the exact same as the official Cesium workshop code (, and previously it did populate the info box, so I am not sure what is going on. Could something else effect this?

// If the mouse is over a point of interest, change the entity billboard scale and color
var previousPickedEntity = undefined;
handler.setInputAction(function(movement) {
    var pickedPrimitive = viewer.scene.pick(movement.endPosition);
    var pickedEntity = (Cesium.defined(pickedPrimitive)) ? : undefined;
    // Unhighlight the previously picked entity
    if (Cesium.defined(previousPickedEntity)) {
        previousPickedEntity.billboard.scale = 1.0;
        previousPickedEntity.billboard.color = Cesium.Color.WHITE;
    // Highlight the currently picked entity
    if (Cesium.defined(pickedEntity) && Cesium.defined(pickedEntity.billboard)) {
        pickedEntity.billboard.scale = 2.0;
        pickedEntity.billboard.color = Cesium.Color.ORANGERED;
        previousPickedEntity = pickedEntity;
}, Cesium.ScreenSpaceEventType.MOUSE_MOVE);

Forgot to include this- by adding some print messages for the entity and the billboard it seems that the entity’s availability is undefined (does that mean the entity itself is undefined?), but the entity’s description field correctly has the table information inside it:

Entity ID abc123
Serial Number abc123

This sounds like a bug, especially if it used to work before. Did you update CesiumJS recently, and that’s when it broke? What exactly is in the description field for the entity?

Are you able to share a Sandcastle reproducing it? See: How to share custom Sandcastle examples

Yes it was very weird because it happened suddenly and then Monday morning it randomly started working again so not sure what happened. I did not update anything or knowingly change anything. The description was a table with about 7 entries in it (strings). Its working currently, so not sure there is anything we can do to address the bug. Very strange behavior though

Ok, if it happens again, maybe check the developer console to see if there’s any errors reported there, or if it’s some kind of network issue with some data failing to load etc.

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