Integrating cesium with threejs

1. I am following this tutorial.

Problem I am facing is in following block:

// configure entity position and orientation

graphMesh is null. Going through the code, I couldn’t find this being initialized.

Only assignment I could see is :

function _3DObject(){
  this.graphMesh = null; //Three.js 3DObject.mesh
  this.minWGS84 = null; //location bounding box
  this.maxWGS84 = null;

So, how to get graphMesh initialized?

With regards

You need to load a mesh. You could load a primitive(cube, sphere, plane,…), or load the mesh from a file.

Scott is correct! Don’t forget you can also see a full working example here:

It looks like graphMesh is never initialized in the tutorial, but in the code it looks like it’s called “threeMesh” instead.