Is anyone using CesiumPy?

I’m looking for folks to talk about success importing CesiumPy python package. It seems like there’s some updates with Google geocoding API dependency requiring an API Key now. There’s old open issues about this on the github repository for this so while I generally troubleshoot on my own I want to see if there’s any folks actively using it here. Specifically, I’m sorting out how and where to use my API key to get CesiumPy to recognize it so the import works. I’m running code in a Jupyter Notebook. This might be a general learning on using API keys with Python, forgive me, but happy to chat with anyone here working in it recently.

I want to learn CesiumJS but right now I’m really much more capable in Python and had my eyes on doing some tests in Cesium with it.

Can’t find much but the original post about it here.