Is it possiable to interact with the clipped area?

I followed the guid and successfully add a mask on my b3dm data like this

then I want to interact with it , do something like this

but it seems impossible to interact with it . did someone have any suggestion?

Hello @zalzhou,

Have you checked out our two new metadata tutorials?

If there are metadata properties in your b3dms, you should be able to access them for picking (interacting) and styling. Let me know if you have specific questions about your case!


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Hi @Nithin_Pranesh
thanks for reply
I’ve checked the two tutorials you mentioned
found it doesn’t fit my case.
what I want to do is seperate every building in tiles and interact with them.
I’ve found a temporary way to do this ,
but I don’t know if there is a easier way?
for seperating:
I‘ve followed

this tutorials to cilp the tiles ,using the polygon to draw the area.
for interacting:
calculate and judge if the cursor’s coordinate in the area I’ve drawn.
if it is in ,then do some action
the effect looks like this for now

Hi @zalzhou,

This is just an idea that I haven’t tested, but perhaps you could use a node like this(Get Material Instance Vector Parameter Value | Unreal Engine Documentation) to access the parameters of the material on your selected tile. You would need to write the value of the polygon mask to the parameter in the material graph. Then, you could use that value to drive some logic.

Although perhaps an easier way is to create a bounding box collider around each building so that the user selects those bounding boxes instead of the tileset. Each bounding box could correspond with building-specific information.