KMZ uploading broken?


I was uploading KMZ buildings and some how they are in the wrong height position. I created the buildings the same way I created buildings before which has worked. To confirm I’m not crazy I dubble checked, so I downloaded kmz buildings from ion which was uploaded before and placed in the correct position. But when I re uploaded them they was not placed at the correct height.

Have there been any changes that might cause this that I’m not aware of?


Hi, I apologize that you are seeing this problem. Would you be able to provide me the asset ids of both of these assets so that we can take a look internally.

Hi, Yes I’m happy to help.

Asset id of building not working: 1830768, this is building 8 of the working assets buildings.
Asset id of buildings working: 1665445

I’ve tried to create new buildings and none of them clamp correctly. Note that they look clamped in ions small preview window. But when you load the buildings in a js project or for that matter an ion story its placed under the terrain. The terrain ID is 1663558


Thank you for providing me with the asset ids. The issue has been reproduced and the team is actively working on finding a fix for your problem. I will give you an update once the issue is fixed

Hi, we have identified the cause of the issue and shipped a fix for it. We have also re-tiled all the KMZ assets that were broken. Please let us know if you continue to see any issues