Labels with RTL language

I’ve tried to load some KML using the KMLDataSource.

This is when I foud out that the labels support the language, but turn the words backwards:

Wanted: מיקום פשוט

appears as: טושפ םוקימ

I’ve also tried it with simple labels in the sandcastle - same result.

Any way around it?

This is a long standing issue that we definitely want to fix. See this GitHub issue for some possible workaround as well as links to other forum discussions on the topic:

That's what I did eventually (auto detect the language and set the order of
the word so it would show correctly). Just thought there might be a
non-hackish solution :slight_smile:


Could you please explain how you did it? i am having the same issue in arabic , first its rendering left to right second it breaks a word in characters.



ر ا م ع


Hello Ammar,

Did you see the suggestions in this issue?

We don’t have official support for this, but I believe comments in that issue provide ideas for a workaround.



Hi Ammar,
If you didn't manage yet, I'll be back at the office on Monday and could
extract my code to share then.