Legal Limitations

Hi everyone
Is there any legal limitation for commercial or distributed works using Bing and Landsat imagery such as videoclips, short-movies, animations?


Sentinel-2 Landsat imagery is usable in commercial or distributed works as long as you provide attribution. For Bing imagery, please refer to the Bing Maps terms of service.


Thank you @agallegos

I’ve found this page

I guess my answer is in Section 2(c)

(c) No Derivative Works. You will not modify or create a derivative work based on any Content unless expressly permitted to do so under these TOU. For example, the following are prohibited: (i) creating server-side modification of map tiles; (ii) stitching multiple static map images together to create other imagery products; or (iii) tracing or extracting features from Microsoft’s maps, including imagery, to create a new work, such as a new mapping or navigation dataset.

does it means that it is not possible to user Bing Maps imagery for any derivative work, right?

But at the same time my new question is if Cesium is also violating it by “stitching multiple static map images together to create other imagery products”.


Hi @Plastico,

Cesium has been using Bing Maps for many years to create screenshots, videos, and other content. We provide the expected attribution in compliance with the Bing Maps ToS, and it hasn’t been a problem. I wouldn’t expect you to have issues as long as you leave the attribution intact.
I am not a lawyer, so if you need legal review, I definitely recommend reaching out to Bing Maps directly.