Little Cesium Development Job

Hi All,
I’m looking to get a little paid Cesium development project done for simple mapping of pints on golf courses.

Essentially what I’m after is a script to present a user menu pane overlay on the Cesium Earth projection to allow users to mark points of interest in set categories (i.e geo-co-ordinates lat/long for hole position, hazards like sand traps, water etc) with a mouse click for each hole.

When a ‘complete’ button on the pane is pressed it would then store that data to a binary file in the specified format (mostly 8 bit double coordinate pairs, some short, string etc) setting any unused entries on each hole to zero.

So it might start with text entry boxes for course name (used also for data file name), the courses geo-coordinates (decimal lat/lng), tel number and total number of holes

If the file existed it would pre-load the data already entered

So the user would select the type of data he’s entering and then mouse click on the map to select the coordinates leaving a small map marker(numbered with the hole number) which would populate the relevant field…or enter it directly for other info like course name etc

Selector for hole number <>

and then for the current hole

Male Par for the hole

Male Stroke Index for the hole

Female Par for the hole

Female stroke index for the hole

Tee coordinates (6 tees)

Hazard 1 Coordinates and type

Hazard 2 Coordinate and type

up to

…Hazard 8 Coordinates and type

Green Front Location Coordinates

Green Centre Location Coordinates

Green Back Location Coordinates

And a save option which would then write it out to a local binary data file (strings, doubles, shorts) There is some padding within the file format so random access.

Users would be able to access the site and generate their own free course maps for a little Wear app.

If anyone is interested please reply privately with brief summary of capabilities, rates/time anticipated or just lump cost.