LOD - Disable Distance Checks + Ensure Highest LOD

@janine thank you!

It would be nice to let the developer decide if we are overloading the machine. I ideally don’t want the low, medium, etc levels of detail loaded and taking up memory. I want a single level and I want to control which level.

  1. We are using a variety. Quest 2, Quest Pro, Varjo XR 3, Hololens, etc. I’ve personally been testing on Quest 2 (PC link and without). PC Link and Varjo obviously would be able to handle any tile resolution.

  2. Scaling on CesiumGeoReference. Currently zoomed out is about 0.001. I was debating trying to switch to the transform if the 0.001 was messing up the math.

How can I prevent tiles from being destroyed when they leave the view?