Lot of buffer writes


We are building an application that requires sensor volume visualization and these sensor volumes are changing their orientation with time. I am using Cesium-sensors plugin for this purpose but there is a problem that I see, when I have a lot of sensors (~15) in the scene, I can observe a significant FPS drop (from 60 fps to 35 fps) and this is causing a performance drop in our application. In order to find out what could be causing the problem I used WebGL Inspector (a chrome extension) to analyse what is happening per frame, and here is what I found out:
- There are a lot of buffer writes per frame even though content of these buffers is not changing. I mean its creating new buffers even when the vertices are not changing.

Why is it creating and writing new buffers if geometry is not changing?

I am using Cesium Version 1.6.


cesium-sensors is a community-only supported plugin. You can read about it here