Minimum and maximum terrain level updates

Hi! I’m trying to have slider inputs update minimum and maximum terrain levels for an imagery layer on the fly so that a user could change zoom levels and see the updates happen live, but the changes don’t seem to take effect immediately. They do seem to apply after hiding and showing the layer after making a change, however. Are there any ideas as to why this might be happening?

I am using Cesium 1.35.2, macOS Sierra, and Chrome.

Imagery Terrain Level Adjustment.html (3.31 KB)

Hi Kat!

The only public API for setting the minimum or maximum terrainLevels are in the constructor via the options:

It looks like _minimumTerrainLevel and _maximumTerrainLevel are private members, but you could manipulate that, then you’d need to reload the layer manually in order for the changes to take effect.