Missing Height Data?

If this is what I’m seeing, is there missing height data?

Hi @barryzundel,

Are you seeing this issue on your own custom tileset, or on Cesium World Terrain? Also, are you seeing the same problem in CesiumJS?

I’m seeing this in Cesium World Terrain. It’s the same on the website:


Hi @barryzundel,

Can you please share the coordinates where you’re seeing these artifacts? Thanks a bunch for spotting this.

It’s the area right around here - 15.036187295253546, -92.07628010967305 .
It’s the mountains on the southern border between Mexico and Guatemala.

Hey, thanks again for bringing this to our attention! We plan to fix issues like these in a future version of Cesium World Terrain. If you see any other spots like this, please let us know.