Missing nodes in converted DAE file

Hi, I used the online converter to transform from DAE to Gltf but the resulting file is missing nodes in the scene data structure: objects are visible but are not present in the JSON “nodes” section.

I tried exporting the DAE file (attached breguet.dae) from two different editors (Max and Blender) with the same result.

Looking at the DAE data, I could not spot any difference between the nodes being exported and the one being not.

No matter what, only two nodes are present in the converted file. The rest is missing.

I also tried with a test file (attached) containing only some boxes and a sphere: boxes became nodes and the sphere not. If I turn the box into an editable mesh (3DS Max) it is not present in the node list anymore.

Am I missing something or could this be a bug in the converter?



test.dae (94.7 KB)

breguet.dae (215 KB)

The models go through an optimization pipeline that may be shifting nodes around into different meshes/primitives. If you use just the COLLADA2GLTF project the node hierarchy seems to be preserved fine.

Whatever optimization pipeline it is going through, the scene graph should be preserved I believe. Nodes are nowhere in the file (not just moved around). And I really would like to use the online converter, not “just” the COLLADA2GLTF project :wink:



Some of the nodes are packed into primitives of a mesh, so they still exist in the file just in a less accessible way. It may be a good idea to add a checkbox to the website converter to preserve the hierarchy and in general disable any optimization attempts.

Well, this problem makes the getNode() method absolutely useless.

Also, I fail to understand why in a simple scene with only two objects, the box shows up as a node but not the sphere.

So, at the risk of being insistent, I believe this is a bug in the converter, not just an optimization problem.

If I am in the wrong, please let me know because I really would like to be able to manipulate nodes from my models.



I opened an issue in the gltf-pipeline for looking into this some more: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/gltf-pipeline/issues/186