Model branch status

What is the state of the Model branch? I know you guys want to support the COLLADA format via server side conversion, but is the client side code mostly done and working for json model object support?

Hi Jonah,

The models branch is still a work-in-progress. It can actually load quite a few models and was demoed at ITSEC, but it is still incomplete as the WebGL TF model format is a work-in-progress. The good news is I am becoming increasingly more involved with the WebGL TF folks, and I expect significant progress in the next few months. The models roadmap page is pretty much up to date.

There’s two things you could do that would really help:

  • Provide use cases. For example, if you need COLLADA Animation, what for? Point solar panels at the sun, etc.
  • Provide existing models that you want to render if they can be redistributed.