Model-tiler v4.5.2 heading issue

I am using the model-tiler v4.5.2 so scale a source model and also to change the heading.
I can get the scale to work OK, but there is no difference to the heading when that is modified and the data-set generated.

Is this a known bug?

Hi @John_Wintle,

Thank you for sharing this with the community! I am currently not aware of this issue. Can you please share some more information on how exactly you are editing the heading? Are you noticing this issue only with a specific data format?


Hi Sam,

I was using OBJ format with the model-tiler and adding the --heading into the command line:

B:\Cesium-ion-3D-Tiling-Pipeline-Windows-4.5.2\bin\model-tiler.exe ^
-I BIM ^
–verbose true ^
-i Gate_Building_001.obj" ^
–latitude 59.40149322 ^
–longitude 27.74587903 ^
–height 16.333 ^
–heading 38.5 ^
–tileset-version 1 ^
–input-up-axis=Z ^
–working-directory B:\temp_cesium ^
-o Gate_Building_001_v3

The heading didn’t change for me at all.