Need help with WMS

Hi there! I am working on my graduation project and I am using Cesium for Unreal Engine. Currently I am building an environment within Unreal Engine 5.1. Now ideally it would be great to use 3DBag’s Lod 22 via their WMS. But I am very- very new to all of this and especially WMS is a mystery to me.

On their website they offer a way to download tiles, or use WMS.

Their WMS link is

However I can’t get it to work in Cesium for Unreal.
Any help would be highly appreciated!


WMS is only a picture, which can be draped over a geometry (terrain) surface. If you’re not sure what else to use, Cesium World Terrain from Cesium ion is a good choice. You can add it with one click in the Cesium UI within Unreal Engine.

Then you should remove any existing raster overlay components (e.g. Bing Maps) from the terrain and add a new Cesium Web Map Service Raster Overlay component to it. Set its URL to Then you need to set the layer names property based on which WMS layer you want to display. Based on the result of GetCapabilities, the possible layer names are bag_tiles_3k, lod12, lod13, and lod22.

But after typing this up, I took a closer look at, and I don’t think this is going to be what you’re after. WMS is 2D pictures, not 3D data. If you’re hoping to get the 3D buildings in Unreal, you’ll need something other than WMS. Hopefully the data is available in 3D Tiles format. Otherwise, perhaps you can download (subsets of?) it in a standard model format like glTF or OBJ, and then upload it to Cesium ion to make 3D Tiles from it.


Hi Kevin!

Thank you for your reply. I have read in to as much about WMS and their ways of formatting(?). And I already thought it was impossible to get the models this way.

I guess it will be up to me download all the tiles that is available from :slight_smile: .

Thanks again!