nvidia optimus

I have just bought a new notebook preloaded with win8 (and I must admit that MS has done a very good job to prevent one from easily install a linux distro) with a nvidia video card.

By default optimus would choose the built-in video card with Chrome. You have to explicitely enable the nvidia card in the driver config.

I don’t think this is covered anywhere in the doc. If this is the case and you think is worth adding, I can update the doc, just let me know where the best place would be.



Hi Victor,

This could be worth a mention in the FAQ. If you happen to have info on MacBooks that would also be useful.

Just send me the content, and I’ll add it to the FAQ.




My current priority is to have my ubuntu env working (took me 2/3 days to install & now having issues with nvidia linux drivers) and then I’ll send you the updates.


No rush. Take your time.


If that can save some time to others: Chrome/Linux does not support Dual-GPU optimus yet[1]

Firefox works fine.

[1] http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1220892