On Range Box Control of b3dm

Hello, I have been working on an instance of cesium transform api 3D tiles recently, but I found that some of the generated b3dm contains 2 to 3 or more models, which I discovered from BoundingBox. In fact, what I want is a b3dm that already contains a model,
Opening b3mm also shows
({“OBJECTID”: {“byteOffset”: 0, “componentType”: “SHORT”, “type”: “SCALAR”}, “hh”: {“byteOffset”: 40, “componentType”: “DOUBLE”, “type”: “SCALAR”}, “qsc”: {“byteOffset”: 200, “componentType”: “DOUBLE”, “type”: “SCALAR”}, “featuregui”: [{0F2D8FA3-6EE8-4130-89D5-6377F097FFA0} “,” {89763EDE-F7C9-4C7C-9731-14E6800FF09D} “,” {2D06EF92-1FD6-4AB9-BDD6-FA6CDDCC5F6C} ““ {1C01BDBF-F34C-4480-AE2B-DAC4E026D87C}”,“{03BD69DC-5F48-47E9-8671-94587CBB71D9}”,“{254E7C9D-7A8F-4E13-9D57-9AA61CEDAC84}”,“{A8E775CE-E13E-410F-882B-0F4B27831BDD}”,“{DAAD8D93-DCFD-49CC-849D-1F3B4C09DBBC}”,“{C5052EC1-F697-4666-9D1F-54BA9AC7E95B}”,“{FF2C3E68-217B-434A-BB3F-E466F3C60E1B}”,“{AD68D9F8-92FA-4CD0-80C8-435B3A641CFB}”,“{5EEBF85F-8B53-448B-819C-8729A78F3B01}”," {37870B73-B669-4EB2-A8E3-8E081DD70AC7}“,”{1E07FEF9-6D62-4E33-ACBD-7C7748F3301E}“,”{482087CB-E6A3-4AF3-8EAD-9B692F5F68BB}“,”{9C73070E-7F1A-47A3-99BF-80A3AA57602D}“,”{3A162EDF-E441-4748-A368-3ACDB299D7D4}“,”{18883AFB-CF6A-4BD6-A273-B371994BB6A9}“,”{C888D99A-BAC1-459E-9609-BA7727A8BCC5}“,”{F0334698-9F40-416D-BF5D-C9A9764F1508} It contains multiple models. Is there a way to control or constrain the generation of a b3dm with only one model object。As shown in the figure, a range box only contains one model。

@arcgistest0043 Combining multiple models into a single tile is one of the primary reasons that 3D Tiles exists. The spec allows for these multiple models to be treated separately for picking and styling.

Can you provide more details about your use case, what tools you are currently using, and what your ultimate goal is?