Openflight to 3D Tiles

I have a small database that is in Openflight (.flt) format. I need to convert this to 3D Tiles if possible. I’m pretty new to Cesium but hope there is a solution out there for this conversion. Thanks for any help.

We currently do not support direct import of the Openflight file into Cesium ion, however we may add it in the future. Can you tell us more about what this data represents and your use case for it? That will help us prioritize it on the roadmap.

Here is a list of formats that Cesium ion can convert and host. Is it possible to convert the Openflight format to one of those formats and then upload it?

So sorry for the late response as things have been very busy. We use this data for training and other simulation exercises, and we are looking at working very exclusively with 3D Tiles as our format of choice, but we are heavily reliant on Openflight data at the moment.

We are interested in the same thing. We have an existing terrain database in Openflight format that we would like to convert to 3DTile. Any updates on a convertor?

I’ve not heard of any movement or plans on a converter, but I’d love it if there was some discussion to move in that direction.