"Platforms - Windows Mixed Reality" missing

Hi guys, I’m trying out the tutorial regarding Project Anywhere XR and there’s a part where I am required to disable/false “Enable Input Simulation” under Edit > Project Settings > Platforms - Windows Mixed Reality. However I am unable to find that function.

Hope someone is able to guide me through this. Thank you in advance.


Hi @RidhwanAziz,

What version of Unreal Engine are you using?

Hi @agallegos,

I am using UE v4.27.2.

You need to install MRTK plugin(UX Tools) ~

Hi @drakelzh, MRTK plugin (UX Tools) has already been installed. But still can’t find Platforms - Windows Mixed Reality.

@RidhwanAziz Make sure you enable this plugin

@drakelzh Yeap, that has been enabled as well.

Hi @RidhwanAziz,

Unfortunately I’m really not sure what could have caused that setting to go missing. The only thing I can suggest is reinstalling Unreal Engine. You also may want to post on the Unreal Engine forums. I suspect it’s a problem with the engine rather than the Cesium plugin.