Point cloud data to 3dtile to use in stk

Hello Team,

I want to use the 3d model of a city which includes building trees etc within STK software. I would like to know the following

  1. Is there a company which can provide me with 3d data of a city generated through photogrammetry (either with the data collected from uav or satellite.)

  2. Can cesium team support in converting this data from their format to 3DTile format (Json)

  3. once it is in json i can load in stk.



STK Supports 3D Tiles and you should be able to load it once you have the 3D Tiles.

Are you able to share which Cities you are looking for? We can use that to connect you with commercial companies who may have data for these cities. Most photogrammetry companies can export 3D Tiles directly, or a format that converts to 3D Tiles.


Hi Shezan,


I am looking for abudhabi city.

Please connect me to the companies.



Unfortunately, I am unaware of any photogrammetry for Abu Dhabi at this time. This is something I checked recently and I’m unaware of any commercial data available for the region.