Problem loading 3D Tiles in TerriaJS

Dear all,

I am trying to load 3D Tiles from Cesium Ion in a TerriaJS system. However, I understand that the URL I am provided by doing this CURL statement:

curl -H “Authorization: Bearer ” “

will only last for 1 hour.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “I Agree”, “Close” and “X” on the popups
  3. Click “Upload” on top left
  4. Click “Add Web Data”

As you can see in “Step 1 > web service type” we have “3D Tiles”. However, this requires a permanent URL, and does not deal with CURL statements to update the access token.

So in short: it works, but only for 1 hour. How to make it work permanently?

Any help much appreciated.


Hi Roy,

Welcome to the Cesium ion community.

At this time Cesium ion does not support permanent asset urls. There are two possible solutions you can try to get your Cesium ion data into TerriaJS:

  • It looks like TerriaJS may already have support for loading 3D Tiles from ion. I would suggest reaching out to the TerriaJS team if you are having difficulties. They would be in the best position to help support adding 3D Tiles from ion in TerriaJS. This would be the most secure solution.
  • For most of your assets you can download a copy of and host the data yourself if you would like a permanent url with no access restrictions.

Please let us know if that solves your problem.


Yes, this solves my problem, thank you.

I might have more questions, but will post in a new thread.

Thanks again,