Profiling Widget on Dynamic Pawn causes mouse error?

Hi, for some background, I am using Cesium on UE 4.27.1 and my level contains the Cesium World Terrain. As mentioned in previous posts, I am using the Dynamic Pawn to look straight down at the Earth in a sort of “RTS gaming” fashion, and using the mouse to pan the Pawn around the globe.

The Dynamic Pawn has two built in blocks, one for showing a Profiling widget and another for Time of Day. When either of the keys are pressed to show these widgets (P and T respectively), the mouse cursor disappears and I am required to press Shift+F1 to make it appear again.

In our case, we have taken the same functionality from Dynamic Pawn but just tied it an “On Clicked” button event, but the same disappearance happens. Then, every time I click on the Earth to pan, the mouse disappears and I must repeat the previous step. To fix this, I am trying to use blueprints to keep the cursor visible, as shown below:

Now this works in that it keeps the mouse visible at all times, but odd functionality begins to happen. For example, if I have just clicked the button to toggle the profiling widget visible, then pressed again to make it go away, the mouse starts to jump around the screen and I am pretty much forced to stop running in order to regain control. To better describe the mouse “jumping” if the mouse was at the bottom of the viewport, and you were to move the mouse toward the top of the view port, it will always jump back to the bottom.

Any ideas on how I could resolve this behavior?

Hi @fullerar,

If you take a closer look at the WBP_Profiling widget, you’ll see that there are mouse cursor settings that get applied on construction and teardown of that widget:

I would try removing the “SetShowMouseCursor=false” node in the Teardown event. Maybe as an extra step, you could try setting your input mode to always be Game and UI, which you could set once in your player controller’s BeginPlay for example (along with SetShowMouseCursor=true), and remove the SetInputMode and SetMouseCursor nodes in this blueprint.